What we do

Our Two Strategic Pillars


  • Deva Capital specialise in NPL and Special Situations investment opportunities, whereby we deploy our experience and network to provide capital solutions to complex situations.
  • When approaching investment opportunities, we work to deliver holistic solutions that maximise value, by bringing together synergistic partnerships with our network of operators, servicers, and industry experts.
  • Our NPL investment activities cover the entire spectrum of asset classes from asset-backed loans, through to unsecured consumer and SME loans.
  • Our Special Situations activities invest across all industries where complexity requires a deeper fundamental analysis than what traditional asset managers would typically undertake.
  • Whilst we seek to deploy capital in attractive value propositions, at the heart of what we do is to deliver positive outcomes for all stakeholders and the economies we operate in.


  • Complementing our NPL and REO acquisitions, we are building a global servicing platform that can deploy market-leading, ethical best practices, through best-in-class infrastructure.
  • Leveraging global data trends generated from our managed portfolios, we produce better underwriting for all of our clients.
  • Strategically investing in platforms that share our values forms the foundation of our ambition to build a socially responsible, global infrastructure in debt servicing.
  • We will continue working alongside debt servicing companies that share our values, providing support and creating synergies with strategic equity investments, forming joint venture opportunities, and co-investing in new asset flows into the market.