We believe in sustainable, responsible, distressed asset investing, which can foster economic resilience by implementing orderly and transparent resolutions, thus creating value for all stakeholders.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be an impactful contributor to society, through the highest professional standards and responsible investing, by being a recognized leader in global alternative asset management and a trusted partner to our clients and investors.

Our vision is based on the premise that investments in portfolios of non-performing loans and real estate owned assets can provide sound returns to our investors, whilst leveraging and sharing best practice in international laws, regulations, and practices across our global network of servicers, and at the same time, promoting corporate social responsibility.

Our Vision is Implemented Through Three Main Channels

Management and servicing of debt and assets are critical to the value chain of distressed investments, and are a key pillar in our business model. We will continue to work alongside debt servicing companies that share our values, providing support and creating synergies with strategic equity investments, forming joint venture opportunities, and co-investing on new asset flows into the market.

Our capital is flexible, allowing us to meet our long-term strategic objective, which is to build a truly global, world-class platform in debt and investing.

Best International Standards

We invest in high quality issuers, which have found challenges in their valuations or operations due to market dislocation, capital market access, or other event driven situations. Our goal is to bring equitable and responsible solutions to these situations.

Our investment approach is to achieve attractive risk-adjusted returns through fundamental credit research. Our investment activities span a wide range of asset classes including, secured and unsecured loans, high yield and distressed bonds, private credit, equity and structured credit targeting issuers.

Deva’s Principles


We believe responsible sustainable investing can provide sound returns and sustain a healthy economy in the long run.


We believe in successful resolutions that help debtors get back on track to re-join the financial system.


We seek to partner with servicers that already have, or will implement as a result of our partnership, robust policies, procedures, staff training programmes, systems and controls to identify, monitor, and remediate issues based on best loan servicing practices.


We encourage servicers to implement best collection practices no matter the jurisdiction, beyond baseline compliance with law, so that such practices are, or become core values of the servicer, and evidenced in its practices and reputation.


Our CSR values start at the due diligence process, and continue to be monitored and implemented during the lifespan of the investment.